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GALLERY 4-- Jackson visits Wallace Ulrich's Fossil Quarry
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The Foundation serves to provide opportunities for integrating the geosciences into the political, philosophical, economic, social, and intellectual arenas and for promoting exchange of dialog among public entitites to address issues in the geosciences.

The Foundation facilitates the transfer of geoscience information to affected groups, public and private, and provide for the application of that information to help solve real-world problems.
We use our site and activities as a forum for identifying and presenting geoscience issues, as well as offering commentary on our continuing education and public outreach. 

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Students search for fossils at special field trips funded by the Foundation


To promote the relevance and role of the geosciences in human activities.
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We are non-governmental, without an inherent bias or agenda: that is, a neutral scientific entity.

We build partnerships to solve problems, and create solutions through cooperation, knowledge and persistence.

We welcome all individuals and organizations into the continual quest for information and the process by which knowledge is made to help humans and our environment.
Our funding is primarily through the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole and its incredible contributors. 
Each year the Foundation is provided with the opportunity to raise funds with the network administered by the Community Foundation for and by the members of the Jackson Hole Community.  Our programs fund geoeducation in the primary school grades and advances geoscience education for the general public with specific information on Yellowstone and its volcanic activity, the Teton fault, and life in a geologically active area--western Wyoming. In 2009 we began sponsoring a yearly Distinguished Lecture Program.  The first lecture featured Peter Ward, PhD. a former U.S.G.S. volcanologist who presented a groundbreaking theory that SO2 not CO2 is the atmospheric gas driving global climate change. 
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